Check out this T-shirt design that Rif, Anna, Danielle & I came up with. Ok, a bit obscure, but fun none the less.

posted March 28, 2001 – 5:15 pm

The cable modem guy came this morning, and I haven’t left the house since!

Ok, that’s a small lie – I went out for a few minutes to get a
library card. Now I can read trashy novels for free.

Check out these pictures (#1,
#2) of a snowy gate at Radcliffe College. Everything looks better covered in snow.

posted March 27, 2001 – 1:50 pm

I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Well, sort of. My last day at work was Friday, and now I’ve got more free time that I know what to do with. Pretty exciting, all in all. Today’s plan includes returning the Visor (’cause work gave me a Palm Pilot as my parting gift), getting a library card, and going to practice session. Excitement galore.

posted March 26, 2001 – 9:09 am

Today’s my last day at work, and Monday marks my first day as a full-time bum. Plans include travel, surfing the internet, and toolin’ around Boston by bike & foot. Hopefully I can resist the temptation to sleep all day.

I’ll be competing at the North Atlantic Dance
in NJ in a few weeks, in the “Lindy Hop” division as well as the “Just Dance Lindy” division. I haven’t been big into competition to date, but it’s worth a shot.

posted March 23, 2001 – 6:43 am

Got lots of computer related goodies this weekend, including:

  • a USB hub (less than thrilling)
  • a Visor
  • a Cable modem router/switch/hub from NetGear

It’s all in anticipation of leaving my job and also getting a cable modem connection at home. Mmmm… free time & and an internet connection, the recipe for laziness.

posted March 19, 2001 – 10:38 am

The latest news? I’m in San Francisco, and you’re not!

Unless you’re from San Francisco, in which case, Hi! I’ll see you soon!

In a whirlwind of travel, I’ve been to San Fran, Phoenix, and back to San Francisco, all in three days or so. For the time being, I’m settled in the bay area for about a week of dancing at the
Oakland Swing Dance Festival. Mmmmm… lindylicious.

posted March 7, 2001 – 8:40 am
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