I made it to Paris and I’m having a blast, in spite of the seriously rearranged keyboards here. Great food in a beautiful city with amazing history, fantastic landmarks and huge parks – couldn’t ask for much more (except for a keyboard with the ‘a’ and ‘m’ in their proper places).

I’m also getting set for the Boston Lindy Exchange. For a fantastic example of how not to build a website, check out http://www.bostonlindyexchange.com.

posted April 30, 2001 – 11:48 am

I’m back from NADC, and I didn’t compete after all. Maybe next time, maybe not.

Wednesday I’m off to Paris! I know, it’s a rough life.

posted April 23, 2001 – 11:25 am

Check out this [link removed] footage that Danielle and I made with the dolly. Cool, no?

posted April 13, 2001 – 9:41 pm

Well, I bought tickets to Paris a week ago! Very exciting, if you ask me. In my unemployment, there was no reason not to go for three weeks, so I am.

I think before that happens, I should develop the film from my last trip to Spain & London. Sounds like I have a plan for the afternoon.

posted April 9, 2001 – 12:32 pm
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