A new tongue-twister for you:

“new colors in pin-up pants and skirts
and some cute cropped peasant tops in fruit prints”

posted June 28, 2001 – 7:21 pm

A.D.D. Productions did more work on the movie script this week – we’re hoping to film sometime in July. So if you see a huge production company with lots of equipment and actors hanging around Boston this summer, that’s definitely not us… we’ll be the ones draggin’ our camera around on the homemade dolly and filming on practically no budget.

posted June 7, 2001 – 10:47 pm

I went to see Snappy Dance Theater tonight – if you’re in Boston in the next few weeks, check ’em out.

Also a good bet for entertainment, the Jackie Chan movie Ten Fingers of Death. At least that’s what it’s called on the box I have… it seems to have at least five other names according to IMDB:

  • Little Tiger from Canton
  • Master with Cracked Fingers
  • Snake Fist Fighter
  • Son of Master with Cracked Fingers
  • Stranger in Hong Kong

I mean, what are they trying to pull on us?

posted June 2, 2001 – 9:52 pm
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