I’m moving. Sort of.

See, my roommate moved out, and her room was bigger than mine, so I’m gonna take her old room. Unfortunately, this entails moving everything I own back down the narrowest stairs in existence. I can’t decide if this is better or worse than actually moving. Since I’m not really putting stuff in boxes, it’s a pain to ferry awkwardly shaped goods down the death stairs. That said, at least I don’t have to carry them all the way down to the street, up into a truck, and then (presumably) up some more narrow stairs into a new apartment.

posted August 29, 2001 – 7:57 am

Curious how a optical inertial navigation system works? I was. Find out for yourself.

posted August 22, 2001 – 9:10 am

Well, we’re in to week three at the new job, and so far, so good. They like me. I like them. They let me do experiments in the microwave. It’s all good. I’ll keep you updated.

posted August 21, 2001 – 8:05 am

I’m gonna be on the History Channel! My friend Tova has a friend who’s working for a production company that the History Channel contracted to make a documentary, and my hand & my artwork will be in it… so check for the “Getting it on Paper” episode of “The Patent Files”, scheduled to air in November sometime. Oh yeah, and if you have a VCR you could tape it for me since I don’t get cable. Thanks.

In other news, I got a new job – no more bummin’ around for me. It had to happen sometime, I suppose.

posted August 6, 2001 – 8:53 pm
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