I dropped off the negatives from last weekend at Ferranti-Dege in Harvard Square (the snooty photo store in the area), and should get them back tomorrow. Hopefully, they’ll do a better job than CVS.

The Lego submarine’s almost done – I’ll end up pressure testing the sub this week at work, and will have pictures up after this weekend.

posted October 30, 2001 – 10:31 am

Look for some pictures of my weekend in Connecticut up soon (as soon as I can get the prints redone ’cause CVS screwed ’em up royally the first time). The negatives came out well, so hopefully the prints will be nice…

For the first time in about two months, I’ll actually be at home this weekend. What to do? Build my lego submarine, of course. Duh.

posted October 24, 2001 – 10:55 am

I put up the results of a recent game of Dictionary up on the site. You can find that here [link removed]. We had fun, hopefully you will, too.

The leaves are beautiful. Go look at them. Now.

posted October 16, 2001 – 3:29 pm

Well, I didn’t end up going to Wood’s Hole this week, but I do get to play with our inertial navigation system in a van, driving around Boston. Hmm… maybe tooling around the city in a rented van with lots of funny equipment and big antenna’s isn’t the best way to avoid being pulled over.

I put up more of my drawings on the images page, two of which were done from photos also on that page. I’m happy with how they came out. Enjoy!

posted October 8, 2001 – 8:49 pm

I’ll probably be spending a good chunk of this week at the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute playing with robots. Fun!

posted October 8, 2001 – 6:20 am

Exciting (?) things that I’m doing this week:

  • Building a Lego submarine (more on this when it’s done).
  • Making crepes (sweet and savory).
  • Playing with my new laptop at work.
  • Going to New York City this weekend.
posted October 2, 2001 – 8:58 am
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