Check out Craig’s List. Right cool. Thanks to Sarah for puttin’ me on to it…

Off to scenic Panama City, Florida for work today. Know anything that’s going on there? Please?

posted November 26, 2001 – 8:32 am

I added a shot from the History Channel documentary to the Images page. Enjoy.

posted November 21, 2001 – 12:12 pm

I went out on Sunday morning to watch the Leonid meteor shower – it was simply stunning! Sadly, we couldn’t really get too far from Boston, so we had to settle for the not-quite-dark-at-all dark sky at Haystack Observatory. I did take some pretty cool photographs of the meteors, though, which I’ll put up soon.

I’m almost done editting the video of my appearance on the History Channel, so check back soon on that.

In other news, I’m headed to Panama City, Florida after Thanksgiving for work. Anything exciting going on there? I thought not…

posted November 20, 2001 – 6:50 am

Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, I reorganized things on the site in the hopes that people might read the news section more frequently, see as that’s the most likely portion of the site to be updated with any regularity. You can still get to the main page (the old index.html) with the link above. Send me some email and lemme know
what you think. Seriously.

posted November 8, 2001 – 1:23 pm

So I forgot to say that I scanned in pictures from our weekend in Connecticut. Check ’em out here.

My television debut came and went without too much fanfare. Truth be told, it was rather anticlimactic – my hands and artwork made appearances on the screen for a sum total of approximately ten seconds. Woohoo. I did make it into the credits, as a “Historic Enactor” or somesuch nonsense. Whatever.

posted November 7, 2001 – 9:21 am

I’m gonna be on TV. Tonight! I know, you just can’t wait… here are the details, straight from the History Channel’s Website:

The History Channel – 10:00PM – 11:00PM Patent Files
Get It on Paper
The daily objects we use to communicate are so common that we can hardly imagine a day when they did not exist. In this hour, we mine the landscape of inventions, beginning with paper, and learn how inventors have changed the way we communicate, the way we do business, and the way we record our thoughts–all by finding faster, cheaper, and better ways to get it on paper. Other inventions that we examine include the keyboard, photocopier, pencil, and pen. TV G
posted November 6, 2001 – 7:58 am

Well, I got the prints back from the snooty photo store, and they were so much better than CVS (big shock, eh?). I’ll scan some in tonight and post ’em.

In the meantime, check out Steve & Rebecca’s site for some sweet pic’s of the Halloween dance last night. No prizes for guessing which one’s me.

posted November 1, 2001 – 10:00 am
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