So last night I took some pants out of the dryer, and they were all staticky. Hardly shocking (no pun intended), but it was annoying, so I went online to see if I couldn’t find a quick way to de-static them. No luck. But I did find these pages:

posted December 29, 2001 – 2:42 pm

Check out the new recipes [link removed] section of the site. There’s not much there now, but there will be soon…

Holidays with the fam actually was about as pleasant as it could have been – not too much tension & they didn’t even bust out the angel/bell/spinning sculpture. Imagine my excitement.

posted December 26, 2001 – 7:24 am

Well, my lathe came last night via UPS. Currently, though, it’s in pieces on my bedroom floor, as most mini-lathe owners agree you really have to take the whole thing apart and put it back together better before you have a more reliable and accurate machine. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a while…

I’m off to New York City for some holiday family excitement this weekend. A list of holiday family traditions that I could live without:

  • somewhat mandatory gift-giving (it’s fine for the younger kids, but adults? please…)
  • liver
  • strange “salads” composed of grapefruit, avocado, iceberg lettuce and non-descript dressing
  • the little sculpture that has candles that make angels rotate and ring bells. Impossible to describe, but also to bear
  • the fighting
posted December 19, 2001 – 12:25 pm

I bought a lathe! It’s definitely an experiment of sorts, but I’m excited… besides, my “Holiday” bonus was burning a hole in my pocket. (Also check out this page for more lathe goodness.)

posted December 14, 2001 – 7:04 am

Having finally recovered from Panama City, I can update this page again. Sadly, I haven’t got much to say.

If you want to buy my car, send me email.

Oh yeah, so I welded this weekend for the first time. I dig it! Pictures might be up soon…

posted December 11, 2001 – 8:49 am

Ok. Here’s the deal: Panama City, Florida sucks.


posted December 3, 2001 – 10:11 am
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