Unfortunately, last nights lathe activities were less successful than before. I was trying to turn some steel that turned out to be pretty heavy duty, and the lathe wasn’t so happy – if I went too fast, the tool bit just chattered and bounced off the workpiece; too slow, and the bit would jam into the workpiece and the lathe would stop (but continue making a grinding sound I can only assume is the belt or a gear trying to continue running even though the spindle wasn’t turning). Occassionally, red hot chips would fly from the workpiece and try to burn me (safety glasses are your friend!). All in all, I wasn’t so thrilled. Any ideas how to get it working better?

Looks pretty likely that I’ll be selling my car this week (1987 Honda Accord LX-i). Oddly enough, I don’t think I’ll miss it much at all (except to lug home big things from Home Depot).

posted January 30, 2002 – 5:18 am

Last night I made a carriage stop for my lathe (see pictures in the images section). Basically, it’s a clamp that attaches to the bed of the lathe, and prevents the carriage (the part with the tool on it) from moving further than you want. It’s useful if you want to make a bunch of cuts that all stop at the same place, creating a shoulder on the workpiece.

My friend Catherine’s singing backup in a band in New York City. If you’re in the city tonight, check out their gig at the Elbow Room. While I’ve never heard the lead singer, Cat’s pretty amazing. And lemme know how it goes, since I can’t make it…

posted January 29, 2002 – 4:51 am

I posted more pictures to the images section of the site, including some pictures of my lathe, along with some photos taken during the Leonid Meteor shower in November.

posted January 25, 2002 – 7:30 pm

Tampa in January is SOOOO much nicer than Boston, weather-wise (in case this was at all unclear). High 70’s, sunny, breezy… can someone wipe the drool off my keyboard? Thanks…

A big thanks to Anna, Lee, Tim, Gabe, Jenny Faye & Adrian for their hospitality in Tampa on Friday. Check out their site at Lindy Hop 411 if you’re gonna go dancing in Tampa – they also run a dance on (some?) Saturday nights.

posted January 22, 2002 – 7:08 am

So apparently (I had forgotten), I have a standing agreement with a friend to meet at the top of the Empire State building on March 14th, 2004 (our common birthday) provided we’re both single and still interested. If you still know me then, please give me a bit of a heads up sometime before then. Thanks.

I’m off to Tampa in two days for fun in the sun… it’s 70 there and in the 30’s & 40’s here. Tee hee.

posted January 16, 2002 – 11:14 am

I spent some time this weekend in Northampton. I’m definitely gonna retire there (soon, I hope!).

Leah’s show at the Kendall Cafe was fantastic (and well attended). Kind of a strange little place the Kendall Cafe – it’s more or less an Irish bar, but with a Cajun influenced menu & lots of Canadian beers. Go figure.

posted January 14, 2002 – 7:26 am

Check out this sweet page on how engines work. I think that might be my new project for my lathe (once I finish my candlestick).

I made a video of a bunch of clips of my dancing for my aunt the other night, so I got to watch some truly old-school dancing. Was I really that dorky? (Don’t answer that!)

posted January 10, 2002 – 7:53 am

I’ve been playing more with my lathe. My first real project is some kind of candlestick. Hopefully you’ll see pictures soon. The big excitement last night? I made a boring bar. Woohoo.

My friend Leah Seigel is playing the Kendall Cafe in Cambridge on Sunday night at 8:30. She’s a super-talented folk/blues guitar player and vocalist, so if you’re in town, you should definitely go.

In other news, I’m headed to Tampa next weekend (MLK weekend). If you know of anything worth doing (along touristy lines, I suppose) during the day, lemme know. My flight gets in at 11 AM Friday, and I don’t have plans ’til later that night.

posted January 9, 2002 – 5:42 am

Danvers was a blast. I didn’t compete, but I did stay out too late and dance ’til 5 in the morning. Woohoo!

In other news, the workbench (seach for part number 4773T82) I ordered from McMaster should arrive today.

posted January 2, 2002 – 10:29 am
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