Off tomorrow to NADC – we compete on Saturday afternoon at 3 (if you happen to be near Seacaucus and want to see us). We’ve performed the routine quite a bit now, and I think all feel comfortable in front of an audience, so hopefully things will go well. Look for video after this weekend (can’t give away our killer routine right before the competition, eh).

The acrylic balls are already scratched up a bit (not visible from far away and not detracting from the look at all) with the little use I’ve given them so far. Much fun, though.

posted April 25, 2002 – 7:51 pm

Mmm… acrylic-y. The contact juggling balls from Infinite Illusions (bad name, eh? Scott guessed, based on their name, that they just sent an empty box. Uh huh…) arrived today. I’m a little hesitant to try stuff out with them ’cause they’re scratchless and pristine now… just gotta resolve myself that they’ll get dinged & scratched up. Oh well.

The calipers are coming along, although Mike C. gave me some good ideas about making them nicer (otherwise I coulda gone to Pearl and bought a pair for $4.95 and told Jo I made them). We’ll see.

posted April 22, 2002 – 11:46 am

Got to play with the lathe last night and finish up my cam lock. I made a few retaining pins to limit the movement of the handle and also cleaned everything up a bit. It looks pretty and works great – a success! Thanks again to mom & dad for the 4-jaw chuck, which is plenty o’ fun to play with.

I printed up a template for the pottery calipers and will probably end up making them this afternoon/evening at work before Hopology’s rehearsal. On that note, only three more rehearsals before NADC. Okay, so I’m a little nervous…

I ordered some acrylic contact juggling balls from Infinite Illusions. Next thing you know, I’ll be just like David Bowie in Labyrinth.

posted April 19, 2002 – 8:32 am

Our lindy hop group (new with name: Hopology) had a group lesson with Johnny Lloyd last night. I’m more and more impressed with him each time he comes. He had solid advice for our last two weeks of practicing before the competition, and also good specific comments/criticism that helped (me, at least) do a bunch of stuff better. Can’t beat that, eh?

Project for the week? Building my friend Jo some pottery calipers – not so much measurement devices, more for transferring measurements from one part of a piece to another. Mmm… I get to use the bandsaw.

posted April 16, 2002 – 11:58 am

San Diego’s been quite fun, and not too stressful. Aside from the sunburn I got yesterday from sitting in an abandoned lot all day, I’ve no complaints. I’ve been dancing twice so far, and had dinner with some friends of the family (our family, not the family). I’m scheduled to see my cousin tomorrow, and head back tomorrow night. All in all, not bad.

posted April 13, 2002 – 11:10 am

Check out – it’s a surprisingly content-ful website (if you’re interested in contact juggling).

Off to San Diego tomorrow (super-early).

posted April 8, 2002 – 7:52 am

A few nights ago, I built myself a tailstock cam lock. It’s pretty simple, but it works. I still need to finish up a few detail-oriented things, but it’s mostly done – go me!

Now I guess I just need a project that requires the use of a lathe, since I’ve made most of the modifications to the lathe I want to make. Any suggestions? Probably I’ll make a few more candlesticks, and maybe a steam engine.

The MIT Dance Troupe Concert is this weekend – we’re performing our lindy hop routine (that we’ll be competing with at NADC). It’s coming along well, and I just have to remember that we have some time to improve between the Dance Troupe show and NADC.

posted April 5, 2002 – 10:46 am
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