Brrr… it’s c-c-c-c-cold in the office today.

We found a hardware bug that causes the video driver for QNX to make the screen sparkle, and I keep getting sucked in and watching it for minutes on end.

I went to Oleana last night – I’m such a fan. I’d been before, but this cinched it. If you’re in Boston, go, and get the Baked Alaska with passion fruit caramel dessert – you won’t regret it.

posted May 31, 2002 – 7:52 am

I posted some pictures from Matt’s graduation and the rest of the weekend. They came out pretty well… Enjoy.

posted May 29, 2002 – 4:53 pm

My brother graduated this weekend – congrats! The commencement address, given by Tony Kushner, was stellar. As soon as I find it online, I’ll post it here…

Mike C. (from work) is gonna sell me his bandsaw & drill press – more toys! It’ll be nice not to have to use a hand saw to cut through aluminum & steel stock anymore.

Anna & I did some trash scrounging last night ’cause all the Tufts kids moved out this week. We found (and claimed):

  • A sweet, old-school, orange scooter (the “Curb Cruiser”). (Anna’s)
  • A nice hubcap. (Mine)
  • A red vase. (Anna’s)
  • A basket. (Anna’s)
  • An old printer. (Mine)
  • A pane of glass. (Anna’s)
  • Some awesome shelves made of copper pipe & threaded rod. (Mine)
  • A ceramic flower pot. (Anna’s)
  • Some bicycle handlebars. (Mine)

Definitely a good pull.

posted May 28, 2002 – 8:31 am

I came very close to saying to the man standing and taking up the full width of the escalator in the T this morning “Move aside, Pokey McBusinessCasual.” As the day progresses, I’m more and more disappointed that I didn’t.

Tonight, Love Child will be playing the team of which we used to be a part (they’re now known as Kodama Disc). Thankfully, there’s a barbeque after the game with beer – I imagine it’ll be on the tense side.

posted May 23, 2002 – 10:25 am

Check out the Robot Store for all your robot needs. Whatever they may be. Yeah.

Graduations abound as Ben finished the College Student Personnel program at Miami University in Ohio and Tova got her Masters in Expressive Therapy at Lesley University.

posted May 22, 2002 – 6:43 am

Craft day was fun yesterday, albeit not so well attended. I spent most of the time taking apart an old Epson dot-matrix printer – I salvaged quite a few gears/springs/small parts as well as a hefty power supply, several stepper motors (how do I drive them? Help!) and a nice looking solenoid. I’m sure they’ll come in handy sometime…

Off to Matt’s graduation this weekend. It’ll be nice to have him in Boston, starting in July…

posted May 20, 2002 – 9:01 am

Congrats to Sally & Sanjay on their just-born baby boy – Hanuman Buta Vakil. ~8 lbs. They looked to be in great shape only a few hours after his birth. The only downside was that they had to leave the Star Wars: Episode II line to go to the hospital. Wait, that’s not a downside…

posted May 16, 2002 – 11:59 am

This game looks like tons of fun, and will be played in our household soon. Wanna come over?

The calipers are nearing completion – yesterday’s progress included making some caps out of walnut for the locking/unlocking screw, and today I used the sandblaster at work to put a nice looking finish on the aluminum jaws. I need to mount some hardware on the caps, stain them, and drill a few holes in the jaws. Soon, I say…

Frisbee tournament this weekend. Craft day, too. Busy.

posted May 15, 2002 – 10:49 am

In spite of the new name, Love Child won it’s first game last night – woohoo! It was quite amazing, actually, to all play together and feel like we really could win quite handily. Our cheer wasn’t the best, but it sufficed:

The first game of the season,
we drew Baboon Heart.
Mind you, not drawn with a pencil,
But it’s a good way to start.

The rain held off,
The fields were soft,
The goose shit was, too,
We had fun playing you.

Off to NYC today, for a family-filled weekend of fun.

posted May 10, 2002 – 6:39 am

The frisbee team is called “Love Child”, based on the movie Gattaca. Oh well. We’ve got our first game tonight in Cambridge. It’s possible we’ll be ready.

Got my bike fixed and now it’s commuter-riffic. In an effort to not be so pitifully out of shape, I’ll be biking to work more.

Off to NYC this weekend to dance, see grandparents and see jewelry.

posted May 9, 2002 – 8:48 am

Rif & Anna came up with an awesome name for the frisbee team (though they happen not to play with us) – Moby Flick. I’ve never run across a team by that name (for that matter, neither has Google). Hope the rest of the team likes it…

I’ve been getting more in to bonsai & horticulture stuff at home. Miracle of miracles, I haven’t killed any houseplants in quite a few years. My old roommate, Sarah, would be proud (or just bitter, since I managed to do in at least one or two of her plants when she went on vacation a few years ago).

posted May 2, 2002 – 7:13 am

Well, NADC was this past weekend, and as you can see from the results, Hopology finished 9th in the team division. Wasn’t exactly what we’d hoped, but we got a huge positive response from the crowd. People (who didn’t have to say anything) had really nice things to say about the routine. I consider the weekend & the routine a great success, though I’m quite happy that it’s all over.

Frisbee started up last night – we’re still searching for a name for the team (some possibilities include “Temporary Tattoo” and “Factory Tour”). Any suggestions? I discovered at practice last night that I’m miserably out of shape. I’d hoped biking & lindy hop this winter would have helped, but I got the definitive answer last night.

posted May 1, 2002 – 8:31 am
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