Yesterday evening I wanted a snack, so I decided to get some cookies at McDonald’s (it was there, I was there, I have no excuse, I know).

I walked up to the counter, picked a pack of cookies from the rack, and the following exchange occurred:

Me: I’d like these cookies.
Man behind the counter: Would you like another? They’re two for a dollar.
Me (thinking for a second): No thanks. Just these cookies.
MBTC: How ’bout an apple pie, too?
Me: No thanks. Just the cookies.
MBTC: Well, they’re two for a dollar.
Me: Uh huh. Can I give you fifty cents?
Frustrated MBTC: Well, no. I don’t have a button for that. Just take ’em.

Wrong on so many levels.

posted June 21, 2002 – 7:48 am

So far, this book rocks. Danielle & I are gonna make a breakfast tray as a gift for her friends’ wedding. Pictures posted soon.

The frisbee tournament in Toronto was quite fun, though we were placed in the wrong pool on Saturday and outscored our opponents 52-3. Sunday was better, and we got to spend some time out on the town.

posted June 19, 2002 – 12:57 pm

Last night, I raced a guy named Klingon.

I kid you not – I had just started walking/running up the (long) staircase at the Porter Square T station when I heard someone on the escalator say “So you wanna race.” I didn’t give it another thought; I turned to the guy (Klingon, as I later found out) and said “It’s on, now.” And then I started bookin’ it up the stairs, he up the escalator. I won, but I’m pretty sure he let me…

We introduced ourselves – “Dave” pales in comparison to “Klingon” (or even “Keno”, his given name) as an interesting name. Nice guy, that Klingon.

Off to Toronto for the weekend on Friday; want any beer?

posted June 12, 2002 – 8:24 pm

Tony Kushner’s commencement address from Vassar is available here. He’s still my new hero.

posted June 7, 2002 – 12:23 pm

Much time was spent outdoors this weekend, and it was good. Bike riding Saturday & BBQ’ing yesterday both were quite enjoyable.

I acquired a drill press and a bandsaw this weekend. Hooray for new toys!

posted June 3, 2002 – 11:55 am
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