So it’s really hard to say “Irish Swiss Cheese,” but apparently it’s quite tasty. According to the guy in the supermarket, at least. Who knew they made that there? I’ll let you know how it is…

It was 11:30 PM when I got home last night, and there was a cryptic note on the whiteboard saying “Dan called, it’s very important, call him back tonight.” Only one problem: which Dan? My friend from Brandeis who’s getting married this weekend, or my landlord? I can’t call either of them at 11:30 at night without being sure they’re the right person. So *69 pulled through in the clutch, and I got the number (which I didn’t recognize, and had to run through Anywho’s reverse lookup). Dan & his fiancee asked if I wouldn’t witness the signing of the Ketubah at their wedding. Honored as I am, I need to learn how to sign my Hebrew name by Sunday. Any clues?

posted August 29, 2002 – 8:56 pm

Went salsa dancing at Johnny D’s last night, and had a blast. It’s so nice to have that kind of venue only two blocks away from my house. I really haven’t had a bad time there since I started going – salsa, folk music, blues, dinner. It’s all good.

I also went with the fam to the Cloisters in NYC this weekend. It was gorgeous, and the drizzly, cool weather was somehow very appropriate for hanging out in a medieval castle.

posted August 26, 2002 – 8:06 am

So I was reading the personals and someone wrote this about what they were looking for in a person:

“it would be boring and probably pointless to make a list of ingredients here when all i want is for the cake to taste good when it’s finished.”

Well put.

posted August 21, 2002 – 3:16 pm

I posted some pictures from the tournament this weekend on the images page. Especially cool was the game that X-Mojo (Simone’s team) won against the Castaways with only seven people. I’m diggin’ the new camera, too – it has a great macro mode, as evidenced by the dragonfly pictures.

Off to the city this weekend.

posted August 20, 2002 – 10:46 am

This weekend’s frisbee tournament was great, save the 90 degree, 70% humidity weather. Thankfully, there’s a lake near the fields, so we swam during our byes. Yesterday was dedicated mostly to recovery, and for some reason, I’m drawn towards going dancing tonight. Glutton for punishment? Nah…

I just spent several hours epoxying fiberglass cloth tape to closed-cell foam at work. Thrilling, you say. Ah, but that, along with my innate fear of goopy things made for an interesting afternoon (dunk tape in epoxy, smooth by hand over foam). Ever since pre-school (maybe earlier?), I’ve had a fear of (or, to put it more accurately, a high level of discomfort with) bubbles, goopy soaps, and anything that makes my hands really sticky (like glue or maple syrup). I mean, I can eat pancakes with syrup; it’s not that bad, but still. Other weird discomforts? One shoe tied tighter than the other. And worst of all? Having one hand wet and not the other! Torture, I say. Anyone else have weird things like that? Let me know.

posted August 19, 2002 – 2:02 pm

The list of suggested alternate domain names I might want to consider when I went to Dotster to see if was available:

posted August 13, 2002 – 12:05 pm

This weekend’s excitement? Pegboard!

posted August 12, 2002 – 7:57 am

More excitement for the day? Of course…

I’m getting rid of my cell phone! As of today, it remains off with a voice mail directing folks to my home phone (email me if you need the number). It feels good.

posted August 9, 2002 – 8:53 am

At work we use SolidWorks to model parts & assemblies. Also at work, I curse a lot and get mad at SolidWorks. All in all, it’s pretty exciting.

The frisbee season’s more or less over, and we did well (even though we’re called “Love Child”, we’re listed under “Cutters”). The end-of-the-season tournament is next weekend, but we’ll probably keep playing together through regionals (mid-September) at least. Last winter we went to Florida. Know of any other good winter tournaments in warm-weather locations?

posted August 9, 2002 – 7:57 am

I posted up some new pictures on the images page. Enjoy.

In related news, I bought a digital camera today. I decided it’d be easier, since I usually just scan in the pictures I like when I get prints developed. I’ll still use the SLR for nicer photography, but for snapshots, etc. it’s all digital, all the time.

posted August 6, 2002 – 11:52 am

The weekend was a good one, marked by cross-dressing, hearing Yo-yo Ma, swimming in a gorgeous lake in Lenox & ice cream. What could be bad?

I’d like to get a digital camera. Do you have any recommendations?

posted August 5, 2002 – 11:59 am

We watched The Philadelphia Story last night (it’s good – go rent it). Is it me, or did they hug weirdly in the 40’s & 50’s? Even the most platonic of hugs looks like a most uncomfortable gesture that puts faces awkwardly close together. Picture the woman’s hands on the guys shoulders, her elbows in, and him with his hands on her shoulder blades, faces scant inches apart (the heads aren’t offset like modern-day hugs). Truly bizarre.

I’m heading out to Tanglewood this Sunday for a concert – think dry, non-rainy thoughts.

posted August 2, 2002 – 9:43 am
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