I spent some time earlier this week in Arlington, VA visiting my folks. It was my first time back to DC in about two years, though I see my parents quite frequently in New York and elsewhere. On my way home, I had some time to kill at the train station, so I took these pictures at Union Station.

En route to Laguardia Airport in Queens from my aunt & uncle’s place in Manhattan, I saw a city bus pull a u-turn (granted it took quite a few backings and forthings) on 96th Street. I thought I’d seen almost every crazy traffic trick in the book, but this one takes the cake. No picture of that, though – sorry.

posted December 27, 2002 – 11:19 am

I’m an action hero! Okay, not quite, but I did have an action hero moment last night.

I was trying to head out to Lowell to meet Simone & Danielle for our regular Thursday night climbing, but the ever-so-slow Green Line wasn’t helping me at all. It took almost twenty minutes to go 8 stops, and by the time we got to North Station, the departure point of the commuter rail to Lowell, it was time for the train to leave. I sprinted down the stairs from the T and through North Station, arriving at the platform in time to see the train pulling away. Putting on my best action hero face, I booked it down the platform, and the conductor at the end was nice enough to open the door for me and catch me as I jumped from the platform on to the now speedily moving train to the cheers of other passengers.

I was ready for my big break, but sadly there were no prominent directors or agents on the train to see my moves, so I’ll remain undiscovered for a while longer.

posted December 20, 2002 – 7:24 am

The duck-speriment was a great success. This recipe worked wonders, and our Super 88 duck was delish. Why a duck in the first place? Read on…

My grandmother – my mom’s mom – used to make us duck when we’d visit. She’d take me shopping with her to buy the birds, and always observed the same ritual when selecting her ducks. I never thought about it then, but given my trials just trying to find a single duck recently, it’s surprising that the local supermarket in Manhattan had enough ducks to require a selection process.

In any event, the game went like this: first, she’d feel up the birds a bit, remembering which ones she liked. Then, to make the final choice, she’d take her keys – apartment, mailbox, whatever – and cut open the package, right there in the duck aisle. She’d give me a little wink, as if to say, “Don’t tell anyone, David,” in her wonderful Hungarian accent, and wore a devilish grin as she dug in. There was something she was looking for, clearly, that couldn’t be found without opening up the plastic wrapping, but she never told me what it was. There were definitely occasions where the now opened duck was returned to the pool of rejects, just waiting for some unsuspecting duck-buying customer to take it home before realizing their error in selection. We’d put the two lucky birds that passed the rigorous examination process in the cart, and proceed along giggling to ourselves.

Anyways, it’s been about 10 years since she’s made us a duck, and I was nostalgic for the rich smell and unmistakable crackling sound of a duck in the oven, so I made one. Turns out my mom made one for her & my dad this week, too. Had I the authority, I’d declare it national duck week. But I don’t.

posted December 18, 2002 – 8:16 pm

Katja posted some more pictures from Get HoHoHo – check ’em out here.

I ended up needing to buy a duck (dead, not alive) yesterday – it turns out it’s not that easy to find a duck in Boston. Plenty of places (even Star Market) had frozen, sorry looking ducks, but I wanted something a little more fresh. Dan & Marcie suggested (and provided transportation to) the Super 88 Market in Allston/Brighton (right where North Beacon splits from Comm. Ave). Not only did I find a fresh duck (with feet & head still attached!), I found they sold these great ginger candies I’d had in New York City. Score!

posted December 17, 2002 – 7:24 am

I’m going out tonight to the Milky Way Lounge to see The Either/Orchestra. Check ’em out if you’re in the city.

It’s project weekend chez moi, so I’ll be working out in the garage on some holiday gifts and my coffee table. Stop by if you wanna help or just visit.

posted December 13, 2002 – 6:44 am

I put up a picture of a painting I did for a class. Check it out.

posted December 10, 2002 – 7:21 pm

I’m job searchin’ these days, so if you know anyone looking for a mechanical engineer or product designer, send ’em my way, or just send them my resume.

posted December 10, 2002 – 2:39 pm

I played yesterday at Get Ho Ho Ho with a great team (created for this tournament) called Bowl Full of Jelly. We played five games, the first of which in five inches of snow, the last of which in five inches of cold mud and had an absolute blast. Though we were seeded last we actually went undefeated, winning our division (div. 2). Go us! See some snowy pictures here

posted December 8, 2002 – 6:04 pm

It’s still snowing. That wasn’t supposed to happen at all – I’m playing frisbee tomorrow! Outside!

I put up some pictures of a project Rif & I finished almost a year ago. Check out his plexiglass shelves.

My brother, Dad and I spent some time last night investigating the feasability of recreating a device my Dad had constructed in the sixties (yes, there were crazy lights, psychadelic colors, and probably some pot smoking involved in the original; no, he’s not gonna take up the habit again). Legos make a great prototyping kit. Pictures and explanation here.

posted December 6, 2002 – 7:44 am

It’s snowing here, and I’d rather be frolicking outside than working indoors.

Check out the interview with Junior Mance on Yehoodi. He’s an amazing piano player, and an interesting character with plenty to say about jazz, blues and even dancing.

posted December 5, 2002 – 10:17 am

Well, the interim solution to my Kinko’s woes is to put something on the web. So here’s my portfolio (note that it’s probably not what most people consider a portfolio – rather it’s a piece to spark discussion on work I’ve done to date). Just imagine it’s printed up on nice, glossy paper in a booklet. It’s a work in progress, so comments are welcome; just email me.

posted December 3, 2002 – 8:52 pm

There used to be a big department store in Cambridge called Lechmere (now there’s just a T stop). They were known around MIT for their lax return policy – they’d take anything back in any condition, up to 30 days later. The students took to using the word as a verb. To “lechmere” something was to buy it, use it for a short amount of time, and return it. Think big screen TV for the Superbowl, vacuum cleaner ’cause your parents were coming to visit, etc.

I hereby propose the addition of the verb “kinko” to the English language. The definition, of course, is to royally screw someone by misrepresenting possible outcomes in a manner which also delays them from successfully completing their goal in a timely way.

I have been kinkoed. They lied, stalled, screwed up, and took up my time and money – avoid the Den of Evil like the plague.

posted December 3, 2002 – 11:47 am

I added some new pictures to the Art page and the Machining page. The only piece that’s actually new is the trivet; the others I finished some time ago and just neglected to post. Check ’em out.

As anticipated, the move in the snow last week was unpleasant, but everything seemed to go as well as could be expected – it was wet, cold, and didn’t really help anyone’s spirits. Everyone (and everything) survived, though, so tomorrow will tell whether there’s any unseen permanent damage (to egos, electronics, etc.).

Thanksgiving in New York was a good time. I even saw a movie (if you know me, you know I don’t see many) – my relatives dragged me to see The Ring. Word on the street is there’s a Japanese version (the original) that’s even scarier. No thanks. Hard to believe this one was only PG-13.

On a side note, do you think it’s weird that the MPAA ratings search page links to the IMDB instead of the official site (or its own database). Conspiracy? Probably.

posted December 1, 2002 – 9:26 pm
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