I added a few links, to some artist friends’ pages.

I made some sacrifices to the weather gods in the hopes that my summer league game tonight and the spring league tournament this weekend will still happen. What’s with this weather?

posted May 29, 2003 – 8:35 am

Rif & I started work on the piano bench this weekend, only to realize we’d bought only two-thirds of the wood we’ll need. Why is arithmetic so easy to mess up?

We were gonna go camping at Mt. Greylock this weekend, but weather got in the way. Probably better that we weren’t up there in the rain during mudslide season, huh? We’ll make it out there sometime this summer, though, I hope.

posted May 27, 2003 – 8:01 am

One thing I do miss about living in DC is reading the Washington Post’s Style Invitation column. Thankfully, it’s online, and they recently posted this.

posted May 19, 2003 – 11:32 am

I can’t even begin to say how much I enjoyed Donnie Darko. It was well written, had a superb cast, and the attention to detail was marvelous. I’m not saying it’s a movie with a particularly deep message, but it did really speak to me. I was creeped out by the creepy parts. I identified with the characters. I thought it was creative and funny. I’d recommend it.

Work is progressing on the coffee table, finally. I glued up the carcass at work (pictures soon), and even though it’s not perfect, it’s looking good.

posted May 19, 2003 – 7:11 am

These legislators are my heroes. The short version of the story is this:

Republicans urged the Texas state legislature to redraw the Congressional districts in Texas in such a way that Democrats would loose 5 seats in Congress. Redistricting had just occurred 2 years ago, and is usually only done every 10 years when census data is release. Some of the new districts included cities several hundred miles apart connected by ribbons of land less than a mile wide. 51 Democrats from the state legislature left the state of Texas to prevent a vote from occurring (a quorum of 2/3 of the 152 members was required) in a more drastic version of a fillibuster, and they succeeded.

The new plan was being pushed by, among others, US Representative Tom DeLay (from Texas), who was quoted as saying “Fifty-six percent of Texas voters cast their vote for a Republican congressional candidate last fall, yet Texas sends more Democrats than Republicans to Congress. We’re trying to change that.” This from a political party that won a presidential election without the majority of the popular vote – they should know that just having a majority of votes across the board shouldn’t imply that you get anything.

In any event, I’m thrilled that the Texas Democrats found a solution to such a nasty problem.

posted May 16, 2003 – 7:14 am

X2 – not worth squat. Sappier and cheesier than the first, fewer redeeming scenes. ‘Nough said.

In case you have any influence, it’d be great if it didn’t rain for frisbee tomorrow. Thanks.

posted May 12, 2003 – 12:21 pm

The new car is getting great mileage these days – I’ve gone well over 500 miles on the current tank of gas, with a couple gallons (80 miles!) left. It does make me happy…

posted May 9, 2003 – 7:38 am

I watched The Quiet American last night and quite liked it. Brendan Fraser is surprisingly well-cast, and Michael Caine is spot on. A little more subtle than, for example, Good Morning, Vietnam, this film hits home none-the-less the atrocities and sheer magnitude of war as well as the large influence a handful of people can exert. Go check it out for sure.

I went climbing last night for the first time in a few weeks – boy am I sore today! It felt good though, and I hope I’ll be ready this afternoon for our first Summer Club League game (formerly Corporate/Open League).

posted May 8, 2003 – 6:33 am

I went to Boston Billiards last night – my first foray into the bars/clubs of Boston since all workplaces went smoke free. Oh the delight of being able to breathe and smell (and hence taste my drink) in a bar! When does Somerville sign up?

posted May 6, 2003 – 9:23 am

Anna & Rif made some tasty dinner last night: spelt elbows (spelbows?), homemade pesto, mozzarella & tomato salad and to-die-for individual chocolate cakes. I left full and happy.

Some more work on the coffee table is due this weekend, as is some frisbee. Also on the list of things to do is visit the Somerville Open Studios. Perhaps the weather will see fit to cooperate.

posted May 2, 2003 – 6:25 am
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