The Texas legislation is on the move again. Wouldn’t you think Delay got the message the first time around?

posted July 29, 2003 – 7:37 am

I finally made it to the new Krispy Kreme store in Medford this morning on the way to get my oil changed. Boy are those things tasty, and, as they’re free coming off the line (at least the first one or two are free), Dunkin’ Donuts can’t even compete in the price department.

So why isn’t K2 more prevalent in the Boston area? Could the locals actually prefer cakey donuts and foul coffee to the warm, sweet doughy goodness and real java of Krispy Kreme? Sometimes I don’t get Boston at all…

posted July 28, 2003 – 7:12 am

I added a note to the car page about the Autostop feature. Sounds like a software bug for Honda to take care of in the next version…

The car’s still great, minor issues aside. Mileage has been fantastic this summer, in spite of some air conditioning use (56 mpg with A/C is pretty impressive). No complaints, except that I have to drive it 40 miles a day to commute to work. I long for the days of a 15 minute ride to work on the T…

posted July 24, 2003 – 11:20 am

From his review of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines in The New Yorker, I share with you two of Anthony Lane’s varied thoughts on the movie:

Terminator 3 … was designed to make the invasion of Iraq seem, on a dollar-per-minute basis, like pretty good value.”

“I would not choose to be the person who tells Arnold Schwarzenegger that the fine details of Terminator style—the leathers, the bike, the boots, and, yes, a pair of shades dusted with spangles—are now within an inch of a gay fetish.”

Neither particularly endears the movie to me.

posted July 23, 2003 – 1:28 pm

Montreal was quite a good time this weekend, and successful, to boot. We came in 5th out of 32 teams and lost only one game the whole weekend (to the winners of the tournament). Not bad at all…

Work will hopefully continue this week and weekend on the bedside table I’m building. Pictures soon.

My brother and I are planning a short bike trip out Cape Cod in early September along the Claire Saltonstall Bikeway. Anyone done this before?

posted July 22, 2003 – 11:30 am

I’m off to Montreal for a frisbee tournament this weekend. Our team’s theme is wrestling, so I need to dress up like a WWE character. Any suggestions? Unsurprisingly, I don’t have the first clue about the world of professional wrestling.

posted July 15, 2003 – 11:26 am

The Olympic Peninsula pictures that make me so happy finally got scanned. Check ’em out here.

posted July 12, 2003 – 10:54 pm

Apparently, the IQ of the average American TV viewer has dropped precipitously in the last two years since I stopped watching. Whereas the worst shows (in my view) a couple years ago were Survivor or When Animals Attack IV – Penguins, we now have Who Wants to Marry my Dad? and Who Wants to be Poked, Prodded and Judged on National TV?. Now I know better than to turn on the TV to a network other than PBS during primetime.

posted July 10, 2003 – 6:43 am

I posted the first two rounds of Seattle pictures. You can see the non-ultimate related pictures here and the pictures from Potlatch here. These are only the ones I took with the digital camera – the great pictures from the Olympic Peninsula are still to come.

posted July 9, 2003 – 8:56 pm

When asked about possible incorrect intelligence information used in the decision to go to war to remove Saddam Hussein from power, President Bust replied, “And there’s no doubt in my mind that the United States, along with allies and friends, did the right thing in removing him from power. And there’s no doubt in my mind, when it’s all said and done, the facts will show the world the truth.”

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The facts will show the truth. Thanks for the clarification, Mr. President.

posted July 9, 2003 – 1:45 pm

We had a health benefits meeting today at work, and I hadn’t eaten my lunch yet, so I ate my junky McDonald’s food during the meeting. The irony was not lost on me.

Potlatch & other Seattle pictures coming soon, I promise.

posted July 9, 2003 – 12:24 pm

I’m back from the Northwest, and so far, I’m unimpressed. Whereas it was 70, sunny, and clear all day in Seattle yesterday, it was already 80 degrees, humid and hazy in Boston when I landed at 7 this morning. Ick.

I got some great pictures back already (had ’em developed in Seattle ’cause I couldn’t wait), but need to scan them in before putting them online. The digital ones will possibly be up sooner.

A brief rundown of the trip:

  • went backpacking and camping on the Olympic peninsula, saw beautiful scenery
  • spent quality time in Seattle, drank good coffee
  • played in frisbee tournament, got tan
  • spent more quality time in Seattle, drank more coffee and had exquisite sushi
  • took redeye home, discovered it’s called the redeye ’cause they stick red-eyed babies in every other row to cry and keep you awake all night

You know it’s been a good vacation when you’ve temporarily forgotten the route to work when you return home…

posted July 8, 2003 – 6:27 am
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