Electronic Gaming Monthly has a great article going right now wherein they introduce a number of old arcade classics (and not-so-classics) to today’s youth and record the results. Pretty funny stuff.

I’ve been staining/finishing the coffee table out in the garage the past couple days. One or two more coats of polyurethane and it’ll be finished! I’ll post pictures when it’s done.

We used a router plane last night in woodworking class – boy was that fun! I might make some boxes as holiday gifts just so I can use one again. Good times…

posted October 29, 2003 – 7:12 am

Last Saturday night, we went to see Kris Delmhorst’s CD release concert at the Somerville Theatre. She put on a great show, along with guest Peter Mulvey. If you get a chance to see either one of them, do it!

My coffee table is finally set up to be stained (it’s just waiting for me in the garage, already set up on newspaper and ready to go), so I’m hoping to be done with that in the next week or so. After learning tons about woodworking in my class, I’m a little embarassed by all the “mistakes” I made on the coffee table. It’s certainly still a nice piece, though, and I’ll know better next time.

Speaking of the woodworking class, it’s really gotten good lately as we’ve been using the tools we so meticulously sharpened before. We’ve been planing boards flat, and also carving with our chisels. It’s mighty fun, and also makes you appreciate the work it takes to sharpen the tools. The difference between working with a sharp chisel and a dull one is truly amazing.

I’m amassing quite a collection of tools in my shop these days, and am planning on building some storage (the form of which has yet to be determined) with the help of this book. I better get cracking soon, since the flea markets have started calling my name, begging me to come look for more tools.

posted October 24, 2003 – 7:41 am

I had such a monster of a headache last night that I didn’t even watch the Sox game when I got home from woodworking class. It was straight to bed with me.

In class last night, though, we saw some of the furniture work that full-time furniture/cabinetry students were making. Wow! Even their first projects – toolchests – were amazing & beautiful. It was definitely inspiring…

posted October 17, 2003 – 6:58 am

Woodworking class is going well, and we’ve finally moved on from the “sharpening everything in sight” portion of the class to the part where we actually get to interact with wood. Don’t get me wrong – sharpening everything in sight is clearly a necessary thing, but maybe we could’ve broken it up into “sharpening long skinny things” and “sharpening shorter, flat things” and snuck some wood interaction in between.

Tonight’s class: flattening a board.

posted October 14, 2003 – 10:29 am

I updated the piano bench project page with some notes on recent progress. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product, hopefully soon!

posted October 7, 2003 – 7:57 am

I posted pics and info about the cutting gauge I made this weekend in the projects section. Check it out here.

posted October 6, 2003 – 10:53 am

It arrived! Viewing to be scheduled soon…

posted October 2, 2003 – 6:45 am

The first woodworking class last night was fun, though there was plenty of administravia to attend to, so we didn’t do nearly as much chisel sharpening as I would’ve liked. I got all but one of the tools I need for the class – the outstanding tool is a marking/cutting gage, and I’m thinking of just making my own. We’ll see how it goes.

While browsing the ‘net reading about marking gages, I came upon this gem of a description of a marking gage patent:

There are good ideas, there are not-so-good ideas, there are really bad ideas, and then there’s this thing.

It is pretty funny looking.

posted October 1, 2003 – 7:51 am
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