Some friends ended up needing a menorah for Hannukah so I made them one. Check it out here.

Happy winter holiday of choice.

posted December 25, 2003 – 2:12 pm

In January, Abby and I are headed to Rome! We’ll be there for a while, with plenty of time to check out the architecture and eat lots of good food, but recommendations for other activities are definitely appreciated. Also, we’re looking to spend a day (or two or three) outside Rome – please drop me a line if you have any suggestions.

posted December 19, 2003 – 7:55 am

Check out all sorts of fun housewares, jewelry, etc. here. I’m definitely tempted by the wall clock, but that shouldn’t shock anyone who knows me – I have a thing for clocks, apparently.

posted December 17, 2003 – 8:42 am

It’s a sad thing that tonight is my last class at the North Bennet Street School. I’d really recommend the class (“Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking”) to anyone with a serious interest in woodworking (and they have classes on many other craft subjects).

It will be nice, though, to have some time to actually do woodworking. The class has been meeting two nights a week for the last 10 or so weeks leaving not much time to work on other projects.

posted December 11, 2003 – 7:46 am

A few weeks ago, Abby and I were visiting New York and came across a great gallery in SoHo showing some amazing tables and lamps. Neither of us could remember the name of the gallery or designer, but a quick post at the Core77 discussion board turned up the name: Ingo Maurer. Be sure to check out the pictures of his amazing LED tables under the “News” section of his site. There’s also an interview with him here.

posted December 9, 2003 – 6:39 am

Check out my aunt’s redesigned online jewelry store at if you like nice jewelry.

posted December 4, 2003 – 1:37 pm

I was walking to lunch today when I saw a Hummer with a Florida Conserve Wildlife license plate. Conserve them for what? For processing into fossil fuel? For eating? C’mon – you’re driving a Hummer!

posted December 4, 2003 – 10:24 am

I left for work around 7:15 this morning, and by 8:15 hadn’t made it more than a mile and a half from my house. By 11, I was home again after several unsuccessful attempts at getting on the highway. You’d figure traffic like that must’ve been triggered by some cataclysmic event, but it was only a quarter of an inch of snow. Way to go, Boston.

posted December 2, 2003 – 8:25 am
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