I’ve arrived in Seattle. Hard to believe I’d been on the road for a full month, but it’s true. I updated the map, but haven’t had a chance to post any more pictures. Soon.

Some interesting (?) statistics about my road trip:

  • Maximum speed: a wimpy 90 mph, but not bad for a hybrid
  • Minimum speed: < 1 mph, waiting for bison to cross the road in Yellowstone
  • Speeding tickets: 0
  • Incidents requiring use of AAA Plus membership: 0
  • Miles traveled: 5000, approximately
  • Tanks of gas: 9
  • Photographs taken: 2000, approximately
  • Consecutive nights spent in a tent: 8
  • Visits to the ER: 1

Not bad…

posted June 28, 2005 – 1:35 pm

This week, I joined the 700 club. No, not the Pat Robertson organization… my hybrid went over 700 miles on a single tank of gas. Amazing.

700 miles on a tank of gas

I’m a day away from Seattle, and really looking forward to being in the same place for more than a day or two.

posted June 26, 2005 – 1:26 pm

I’m posting from the lovely Hard Drive Cafe in Jackson, WY – they’re nice folks, have good coffee and have free wireless. What more could you want?

I’m on my way Boise, which is my last stop before Seattle – hard to believe I’ve been on the road for almost a month. So far, I’ve been to:

  • Sharon, CT
  • Ithaca, NY
  • Fergus, Ontario
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Columbus, OH
  • Chicago, IL
  • Madison, WI
  • Elba, MN
  • Pierre, SD
  • Badlands NP, SD
  • Custer SP, SD
  • Cody, WY
  • Yellowstone NP, WY
  • Jackson, WY
  • Grand Teton NP, WY


posted June 23, 2005 – 7:55 am

Just a quick note from Cody, WY to say I’m alive and well.

posted June 18, 2005 – 12:25 pm

As you can see in the latest update, I opted for the french fries cooked in duck fat (at Hot Doug’s) on my way out of Chicago. Best. Fries. Ever.

For the past couple days, I’ve been in Madison (pictures coming soon), thoroughly enjoying my proximity to the lake, the farmer’s market, and my first run with the Hash House Harriers. A hash is something in between a footrace, scavenger hunt, orienteering, and a beer-drinking bonanza. They’ve got ’em all over the world, so better you should experience one for yourself than let me attempt to describe it.

I’m headed off in to the wilds of the plains tomorrow – first Minnesota and then on to South Dakota. It may be a week or two before I get cellphone reception or email again.

posted June 12, 2005 – 5:34 pm

As I rolled in to Chicago yesterday, I was greeted by humid, near-ninety degree weather. I did what any self-respecting unemployed guy would do – I went to the beach. Lake Michigan was about as cold as the Atlantic, but quite refreshing.

Tomorrow’s culinary adventure: Italian Beef or french fries fried in duck fat (or both).

posted June 9, 2005 – 9:10 pm

After consuming a sizeable sandwich for lunch and many grilled things for dinner, I’m all caught up on calories after the frisbee tournament this weekend. I’m a little sunburned and still a bit sore, but I had a great time in Fergus, Ontario. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy just saying “Fergus” a lot.

I put up a few pictures from Ithaca and Fergus on the roadtrip page.

posted June 6, 2005 – 9:23 pm

I’m in Ithaca, NY. I wouldn’t say I’m overwhelmed by the driving so far, but it feels like I should be further along than the map shows. Partly that’s because I did some extra driving on Tuesday to visit MassMoCA only to find them closed Tuesdays. Next time, I’ll call.

I posted some pictures from the weekend in Connecticut.

posted June 1, 2005 – 8:30 pm
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