I really took advantage of my new neighborhood this weekend. I visited three out of the four used CD stores in search of a gift, went to the farmer’s market today (bunch o’ beets for a buck!), walked to the top of the lookout tower in Volunteer park, and had some great coffee. I’ve dealt with almost all the boxes, too, so my apartment’s starting to feel more like home.

posted September 25, 2005 – 9:38 pm

I’m happy to say that both Door-to-Door and anyone snooping around while I was packing or unpacking have been cleared of any wrongdoing. I discovered the missing box in the basement of my old apartment, and am now enjoying my stereo in Seattle. Considering it was the thing I was looking forward to having most in my new place, I’m glad it turned up.

I had a good trip to Boston for a wedding, and got to see a lot of other folks during my visit. All the same, I’m glad to be back in Seattle without travel plans in the near future so I can settle in.

posted September 22, 2005 – 6:56 pm

My stuff arrived in the Door-to-Door container today on schedule, and it took a lot less time to unload than it did to load everything. All the breakables seem to have survived, a testament either to my packing job or their careful driving (or both), and almost everything else is here.

I say almost ’cause I’m missing my stereo (which is on the small side). It could easily have been left behind or snatched up while I wasn’t looking today (though I don’t remember seeing it). I’ll be back in Boston this weekend and can check for it, and while I’m hopeful, I’m not too optimistic.

Stereo aside, I think my apartment will feel more like home now that I’ve got stuff in it. I can cook again, sit on something other than my bed or a stool, and play Scrabble on a full-sized board.

posted September 14, 2005 – 5:33 pm

Though I tend not to watch a lot of TV, I’ve noticed that since I’m living without one, I do occassionally want to veg out. I’ve been reading, drawing & getting out more since I moved in to my new place, but sometimes zoning out and choosing not to exercise my mind is exactly what I need. In light of that, I went to see The 40 Year-Old Virgin last night. Fluff, but adult, entertaining fluff all the same, and nowhere near as bad as I thought it’d be.

I may take advantage of Seattle’s more artsy movie theaters and see Broken Flowers tonight.

posted September 3, 2005 – 5:05 pm
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