Well, my offer on the condo was accepted tonight! It’s far from a done deal, but it’s a big step closer. I’m simultaneously relieved to find out (I can be patient, but in general, I’m not a patient person), excited about the place itself, and nervous about the future. More details to follow.

posted June 19, 2006 – 11:00 pm

Saw a condo I liked this afternoon and took some time this evening to play with Sketchup and make a model. Check it out:

Condo layout

Might be putting in an offer this weekend.

posted June 14, 2006 – 11:16 pm

Oh happy day – Sketchup is now available (free) for the Mac.

It’s also a happy day ’cause I managed to rid myself of a nasty headache last night and sleep for a blissful 9 hours straight. Often when I get headaches, I can attribute them to stress, dehydration, lack of sleep or (sometimes) mild food allergies. Yesterday’s came completely out of the blue, which made it all the more frustrating.

The current debate in my mind is whether to stick around town this weekend for the Fremont Solstice Parade (complete with hippies and naked bicyclists) or head down to the Oregon coast with some friends for a weekend on the beach.

posted June 13, 2006 – 9:24 am

On Jared & Chika’s recommendation, I tried the Korean place, Kim Chi Bistro, in “The Alley” on Broadway in Capitol Hill – pretty damn tasty bi bim bop, nice owner(s), reasonable prices, and it’s decidedly closer than Hae-Nam Kalbi (which I still enjoy, and visited for a second time recently). Good, local bi bim bap is a thing to treasure.

posted June 3, 2006 – 10:10 pm

Just found: Stitch ‘n’ Pitch. I’m gonna wear my new shirt.

posted June 2, 2006 – 3:49 pm

It’s been a while since I ranted political here, but it seems to be time:

If you’re looking to be throroughly depressed with a retrospective on just how likely it is that the 2004 election results are less than legitimate, read this piece by Robert Kennedy. Combined, common sense, an older article analzying the cost of rigging an election vs. winning it legitimately, and Kennedy’s piece don’t paint a pretty picture of voting in the future.

In more depressing news, Washington State now allows pharmacists to refuse to fill a prescription based on moral objections (see the Seattle PI article here). Why do we seem to be adding more discriminatory laws instead of removing existing ones? Wrong direction, folks.

On the slightly brighter side (in that the word is definitely getting out), check out this interview with Al Gore about An Inconvenient Truth and go see the movie this weekend.

Alright, that ought to do for a while.

posted June 2, 2006 – 1:36 pm
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