I’m starting to get excited about my upcoming vacation: first a visit to the Bay Area, then some backpacking in Yosemite, where I’ve never been. Looking forward to some ice cream and visiting a friend at his new job. Any other recommendations?

If you’re in the Seattle area in the next few weeks, go check out my high school friend Rachel in Fall Off Night, playing in Ballard for a couple more weeks.

posted September 27, 2006 – 11:58 am

As I was perusing the Seattle Weekly, I misread an ad for “cosmetic laser surgery” as “cosmic laser surgery.” I could use some of that, I think.

A while back, Tova turned me on to Vik Muniz. Looks like the SAM will be showing his art soon (also courtesy of the Seattle Weekly).

posted September 11, 2006 – 8:38 pm

Pictures from the weekend are up.

posted September 8, 2006 – 9:17 am

Took a weekend backpacking trip up to Snow Lake – amazing how close to the city such a beautiful place is. It’s only a 45 minute drive up to Snoqualmie Pass, and 4 and a half miles in, you’re completely on your own. Pictures soon.

Started work again on the robot arm, replacing the PIC with a PSoC – the new microprocessor should be better suited to handling the amount of information the motors and encoders produce. Also found a good source of info for PSoCs.

posted September 5, 2006 – 11:57 am
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