I went to the New England Aquarium yesterday for the first time in a few years… it was awesome! Definitely make an effort to go there if you’re in the area.

Also, I managed to catch the classiest made-for-TV movie last night called “The Princess & The Marine,” starring, among others, Zak from “Saved by the Bell”. The basic storyline is that Zak (I forget his name in the movie) is a marine on assignment in Bahrain, and he meets the girl of his dreams, who happens to be the daughter of some sheik. Long story short, he “busts her out of there” (their words, not mine!) and brings her back to the US, where we find out that he’s Mormon, his dad’s on his second wife, and Zak is facing a court martial for forging documents to get his honey out of “evil” Bahrain. They get married in Vegas (of course), and he manages to convince his folks that she’s worth it, convince the court that it’s all ok, and she decides she wants to be a Marine. Perhaps the funniest part of all was finding out that it’s based on a true story!!! Unreal.

I found this article about the real incident.

posted February 19, 2001 – 11:03 am
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