Is it bad that this article speaks to me? Probably.

I often feel pretty bad that I’m so unmotivated at work, but that doesn’t really change the facts. It’s nice to see someone write about it – in fact, there’s a whole slew of users who posted in response to the article that they were wondering if it was a “normal” thing. Me? I had pretty much figured out that this was how most software got written, and have been trying to figure out a good way to get around it for years. It’s a bit like the proverb that says “you only use 10% of your brain” and what would happen if people could figure out how to use even another 10%? What would happen if software (and other work, too) was twice as effecient?

[ Ok, the smartass answer is we’d have twice as much crappy software. Better we should all spend twice as much time thinking ahead and planning and then the stuff we came up with wouldn’t be so crappy. ]

posted February 8, 2002 – 7:33 am
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