My brother graduated this weekend – congrats! The commencement address, given by Tony Kushner, was stellar. As soon as I find it online, I’ll post it here…

Mike C. (from work) is gonna sell me his bandsaw & drill press – more toys! It’ll be nice not to have to use a hand saw to cut through aluminum & steel stock anymore.

Anna & I did some trash scrounging last night ’cause all the Tufts kids moved out this week. We found (and claimed):

  • A sweet, old-school, orange scooter (the “Curb Cruiser”). (Anna’s)
  • A nice hubcap. (Mine)
  • A red vase. (Anna’s)
  • A basket. (Anna’s)
  • An old printer. (Mine)
  • A pane of glass. (Anna’s)
  • Some awesome shelves made of copper pipe & threaded rod. (Mine)
  • A ceramic flower pot. (Anna’s)
  • Some bicycle handlebars. (Mine)

Definitely a good pull.

posted May 28, 2002 – 8:31 am
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