Yesterday evening I wanted a snack, so I decided to get some cookies at McDonald’s (it was there, I was there, I have no excuse, I know).

I walked up to the counter, picked a pack of cookies from the rack, and the following exchange occurred:

Me: I’d like these cookies.
Man behind the counter: Would you like another? They’re two for a dollar.
Me (thinking for a second): No thanks. Just these cookies.
MBTC: How ’bout an apple pie, too?
Me: No thanks. Just the cookies.
MBTC: Well, they’re two for a dollar.
Me: Uh huh. Can I give you fifty cents?
Frustrated MBTC: Well, no. I don’t have a button for that. Just take ’em.

Wrong on so many levels.

posted June 21, 2002 – 7:48 am
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