This weekend’s frisbee tournament was great, save the 90 degree, 70% humidity weather. Thankfully, there’s a lake near the fields, so we swam during our byes. Yesterday was dedicated mostly to recovery, and for some reason, I’m drawn towards going dancing tonight. Glutton for punishment? Nah…

I just spent several hours epoxying fiberglass cloth tape to closed-cell foam at work. Thrilling, you say. Ah, but that, along with my innate fear of goopy things made for an interesting afternoon (dunk tape in epoxy, smooth by hand over foam). Ever since pre-school (maybe earlier?), I’ve had a fear of (or, to put it more accurately, a high level of discomfort with) bubbles, goopy soaps, and anything that makes my hands really sticky (like glue or maple syrup). I mean, I can eat pancakes with syrup; it’s not that bad, but still. Other weird discomforts? One shoe tied tighter than the other. And worst of all? Having one hand wet and not the other! Torture, I say. Anyone else have weird things like that? Let me know.

posted August 19, 2002 – 2:02 pm
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