Sectionals were this weekend, and you can see the results here. We went 3-3 overall (with four games in a row on Saturday – moderately brutal), and though we might have liked to have done better, that probably would’ve entailed playing more games. You can also check out some pictures here.

So Friday night, I was walking down to Davis Square, and this (probably) drunk guy on a porch, having picked up a poster, starts yelling:

Drunk Guy on Porch: Vote for reech! [referring to Robert Reich, but grossly mispronouncing it]
Me: [Just kept walking]
DGoP: (more emphatically) Vote for reech!!!!
Me: (realizing he wasn’t gonna shut up) It’s too late, my friend, the election was a few days ago.
DGoP: (crestfallen) Oh… did he win?
Me: Nope. Sorry.
DGoP: Bummer, man. [Short pause] Vote for reech!!

posted September 22, 2002 – 8:30 pm
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