I took the GRE last night and I must say, in spite of my strong dislike for ETS, the computerized version of the test (I never actually took the old one, so I suppose I’m really comparing the GRE to the SAT) is really quite painless. Rather than starting the test at the same time as others, you begin as soon as you’re checked in and ready; although my appointment was for 4:30, I started the test around 4 and was done by 6:30. Not having the proctor saying “you may all open your booklets and begin” really relieves quite a bit of stress – you can start the test when you’re ready. Also, when you’ve finished a section early, you don’t have wait out the rest of the time ’til the next section (though you can). So, even though ETS isn’t high on my list of good companies, they’ve earned themselves some points in my book.

[ By the way, I did excellent, excellent, and good enough on the math, analytic, and verbal sections, respectively ]

posted September 18, 2002 – 7:39 am
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