So today I have to write a proposal for my job title, function, hours & pay for the next three months. You’d be surprised (or not) how tempting it is to suggest they pay me tons of money for not much work, all of which is interesting (by my definition of ‘interesting’). But seriously, it’s nice to have an employer that’s more or less interested in having be do things I’d like to do. And I will suggest I move to a slightly part time (30-35 hrs. a week over only 4 days) job, assuming I can keep healthcare, etc.

Got some good woodworking done in the garage last night, as my friends Betsy & Bayard asked me to make a new cross-piece for a marionette of theirs that had broken (expect pics soon). I also fixed the gib screws on my lathe by replacing the smaller, original screws with socket-head screws. The slots for the hex wrench in the original set screws were being stripped, and moving up a few wrench sizes seems like it’ll help loads.

posted September 11, 2002 – 6:22 am
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