I got this email from a friend of mine. It’s sadly not a useful way to protest terrorism/bad foreign policy in the Middle East, but there are some easy ways that you can change things instead:

  • Buy less gas. Duh. Try not to drive everywhere. Sell your car if you can, drive it less if you can’t. Bike instead.
  • Write your representatives and tell them you want:
    • less dependence on foreign oil
    • less dependence on non-renewable energy sources in general
    • stricter regulations on fuel consumption for automobiles (some SUV’s get less than 18 mpg)
    • more money for research into alternate energy sources (bio-diesel, electric/hybrid cars, etc.)

    It’s easy to write them. See: Write your Congressperson -and- your senator.

  • Tell your friends to write their representatives.

This message brought to you by your local enraged citizen sick of money & politics getting in the way of a better society.

posted November 21, 2002 – 1:29 pm
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