I’m an action hero! Okay, not quite, but I did have an action hero moment last night.

I was trying to head out to Lowell to meet Simone & Danielle for our regular Thursday night climbing, but the ever-so-slow Green Line wasn’t helping me at all. It took almost twenty minutes to go 8 stops, and by the time we got to North Station, the departure point of the commuter rail to Lowell, it was time for the train to leave. I sprinted down the stairs from the T and through North Station, arriving at the platform in time to see the train pulling away. Putting on my best action hero face, I booked it down the platform, and the conductor at the end was nice enough to open the door for me and catch me as I jumped from the platform on to the now speedily moving train to the cheers of other passengers.

I was ready for my big break, but sadly there were no prominent directors or agents on the train to see my moves, so I’ll remain undiscovered for a while longer.

posted December 20, 2002 – 7:24 am
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