What’s with the pet names? I’ve had a few incidents recently, and am starting to wonder if there’s something about my voice or appearance that warrants the pet name calling.

In dealing with one of our electronics suppliers in New Jersey, my now good friend Mort called me both “Daveluh” (said in the finest NY/NJ jewish accent) and “bubbe” (pronounced “buh-bee”). Then, today at the pizza place near work, the woman who sold me my calzone called me “doll” not once, but twice! Yikes.

Our cross-country skiing expedition was a success, and I only fell over like eight times. Not bad for the first time out, and the number would’ve been much smaller had I remembered that cross-country skis don’t have edges.

I put up some pictures that Matty took in Florida. Check ’em out here.

posted January 27, 2003 – 11:18 am
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