I’m back from Seattle, in spite of the snow. I was kind of hoping to get stuck out there for another day or two, but it was nice to sleep in my own bed, too.

Unfortunately, though I made it home, my bag did not. It’s probably happily traipsing across the country, having all kinds of adventures, and doing whatever luggage does whenever it’s left your “immediate control.”

I’ll put up some pictures from the trip soon, but in the meantime, here’s a story.

Abby & I were in the bookstore looking for a kid’s book on geology for her neice when we came across this scary book. No hint on the cover of the dubious, “scientific” content. No subtitle: “A Creationist Reference”. We skimmed through, and the first tip off we had was the section on fossils: apparently, the only dinosaurs that were fossilized were the ones that “didn’t make it on to the ark.” Uh, yeah.

Elliot Bay Books, though, was great – one of their associates overheard our cries of disbelief and happily moved the book to the religion section from the science section.

posted February 19, 2003 – 6:34 am
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