I did some more car shopping this weekend, and have some more advice as follows:

  • These guys (Herb Chambers, Boston) are not the people from whom you want to buy your car. Trust me, not them.
  • In stark contrast, these folks (Honda Cars of Boston) have been nothing but nice, honest and upfront in their dealings so far.
  • The Better Business Bureau will tell you for free if a particular dealer has any unresolved complaints. Not surprisingly, the bad guys above were not reviewed favorably by the BBB.
  • New cars are expensive.
  • Insurance is expensive.

In the end, I got quality information and a decent price from Honda Cars of Boston, and ended up buying my Civic Hybrid from them. I pick it up on Thursday!

I made an appointment with an insurance agent to start a new policy for the new car, and we had the following exchange on the phone:

Me: So I’ll just come by your office tomorrow morning.
Insurance Agent: Yep, and be sure to bring… well, what should you be sure to bring?
IA: [Thinks to herself for a minute]
IA: Ah yes, your checkbook. That’s it.

Subtle, aren’t they?

posted March 31, 2003 – 10:27 am
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