Bingos (words using all seven letters) I played at the Scrabble club tonight:


I missed RITARDS – plural of the musical denotation ritard – but it’s not clear I had a place to play it. I had fun, winning one game and losing two.

By the way, we’re at war! I’m not thrilled, and hope things work out for the best over there. Now that we’ve started it, at least we should:

  • get the fighting over with as fast as possible – there are thousands of troops in the desert that don’t deserve to be there.
  • remember that being against the war doesn’t mean you’re not patriotic. Enough said.
  • not injure or kill any Iraqi civilians – I’ve heard all sorts of discussions saying that if we only kill fewer civilians than would have died under Saddam’s rule, we’re doing okay. This isn’t accounting, people, it’s real people you’re talking about. No killing them. Okay?
  • not give up on rebuilding the government there as quickly as we seem to have in Afganistan – the Minister of Finance from Afganistan (or equivalent) was recently in the Senate pleading for them to at least give them some of the money we’ve promised. So far, I’m not impressed though.
  • remember that we had a lot to do with causing the trouble in Iraq – many people seem to forget that the US sold Saddam chemical weapons and the plans to build nuclear reactors back in the day, and they speak ill of the French for helping him. We don’t have to be proud of it, but we should own up to mistakes and not repeat them again and again and again.
posted March 20, 2003 – 7:34 pm
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