I picked up a few books and a CD at lunchtime today. I’m looking forward to using The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction and have heard good things about Everything is Illuminated. And, to top it off, the new Radiohead album is sweet.

I used my credit card to pay for my purchases at the store. I’ve had it for quite a number of years, now, and it’s been swiped so many times that the signature on the back has been quite neatly removed. As in, you can’t see that there was ever anything written there in the first place. As my receipt (the one I had to sign) was printing, the clerk examined the back of the card quite thoroughly. I signed my receipt and he scrutinized my signature on paper and checked the back of the card. The one without any kind of writing or indication of a signature. He proceeded to “check my signature” by holding the two items (receipt and card) up next to one another. He didn’t say a word during the whole process, and let me go no problem. Weird? Yes.

posted June 16, 2003 – 10:59 am
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