I’m back from the Northwest, and so far, I’m unimpressed. Whereas it was 70, sunny, and clear all day in Seattle yesterday, it was already 80 degrees, humid and hazy in Boston when I landed at 7 this morning. Ick.

I got some great pictures back already (had ’em developed in Seattle ’cause I couldn’t wait), but need to scan them in before putting them online. The digital ones will possibly be up sooner.

A brief rundown of the trip:

  • went backpacking and camping on the Olympic peninsula, saw beautiful scenery
  • spent quality time in Seattle, drank good coffee
  • played in frisbee tournament, got tan
  • spent more quality time in Seattle, drank more coffee and had exquisite sushi
  • took redeye home, discovered it’s called the redeye ’cause they stick red-eyed babies in every other row to cry and keep you awake all night

You know it’s been a good vacation when you’ve temporarily forgotten the route to work when you return home…

posted July 8, 2003 – 6:27 am
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