The weather here was beautiful this weekend, and I took full advantage of it.

Friday I went skiing at Cannon Mountain. We had a sunny day, and even though it hasn’t snowed in Franconia Notch since December, the conditions were pretty good. Cannon is located in a state park and run by a contractor rather than a commercial entity – lift tickets were only $34 (weekday)! It also couldn’t be more convenient to the highway – it’s about two minutes off route 93.

We biked to an interesting exhibit at the List Visual Arts Center over the weekend called Son et Lumiere (up through April 4, 2004). The most promising piece was Listening Post – an audio and visual work that culled snippets of dialogue from Internet chat rooms and presented them to the viewer in various ways. The display (several hundred small, electronic text screens) was impressive, but, I felt, under- or mis-used in the work. If you were close enough to see what it said on the screens, you couldn’t get the effect of the whole “wall” of screens, and if you were far enough to get a sense of the whole display, you couldn’t read a word of it. It’s free, though, and worth stopping in if you’re in the neighborhood.

I got some more good work in this weekend on the piano bench. My hand-planing skills are getting better, and almost all of the wood is ready to be finished for the piece. A little metalwork, and we’ll be in business! It’s much nicer to spend time in the garage when it’s 50° and sunny out instead of below freezing (big shock, eh?).

posted March 1, 2004 – 8:40 am
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