Friday evening I went to see a great show at the Somerville Theatre – Erin McKeown and Josh Ritter. I had hoped they’d perform together a bit, as well as on their own, but that didn’t happen but for one short song. Oh well… If you haven’t heard them before, they each deserve a listen. You can pick up CD’s from both of them at CD Baby.

I got a bunch more done on the piano bench on Saturday, including cutting the piano hinges to length. The weather was perfect for a bike-ride, too, save the gale-force winds that forced us to pedal on the down-hills. The weather was less than perfect for the frisbee game yesterday, but we had fun in the cold and wind anyway. It’s nice to be running again, and the full summer season starts in just a few weeks (right now, I’m playing in BUDA’s Spring League).

I found this site pretty interesting; you might, too.

posted April 26, 2004 – 8:18 am
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