For a change, there’s actually some good news in the news today.

First, videos produced by the White House to promote the new Medicare drug benefit were declared illegal by the General Accounting Office. The ads violated federal law by not identifying the government as the source of information contained therein – they’re considered “propoganda.” The ads were disguised to look like segments of TV evening news, then sent to TV producers to be included in local news shows, where they weren’t necessarily identified as advertisements. They even included the typical reporter sign-off, “I’m Karen Ryan, reporting.” As the article points out, Karen Ryan is an actress, not a reporter, and she was paid by the government to tell half-truths about the new Medicare package. And they expected this was an okay thing to do? Get the full story here.

Second, the Massachusetts State Senate voted to to repeal the 1913 law that prevents out-of-state gay couples from being married in Massachusetts. The House still has to vote on the issue, which may be more difficult given the current budget issues on the floor, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

As Rif recently pointed out, our favorite Korean restaurant in Central Square closed a few weeks ago. We’re on a hunt for good bi bim bab (the kind served in a stone pot) in Boston, and this search led us to Wu Chon House last night. Their version (called “Stone Pot Bul Goh Khee Bhee Bim Bahp”) wasn’t bad. Compared to the old Korea Garden, though, Wu Chon’s bi bim bap was slightly smaller, and the pot arrived much hotter, leading to premature crispiness and even burning of the rice (and a few burnt fingers, to boot). If it’d cost a few bucks less, or if Wu Chon House was very convenient to get to (it’s in Union Square and most of us are Red Line-based), it’d be just fine. As it stands, we’ll keep searching. Next stop, Seoul Food, on Mass. Ave near Porter.

posted May 20, 2004 – 7:00 am
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