I keep forgetting that gay couples being married in Massachusetts is, in fact, really big news. I guess since it’s been planned for so long, and since I thought it was a good idea in the first place, it didn’t really make a big impression on me that the first such marriages would be historic events. But they are, and they’re getting plenty of news coverage, which I’m certainly in favor of.

The rest of the news these days, however, is on the depressing side. Israel bulldozed over 100 houses and killed tens of people yesterday, all in the name of just “expanding a buffer zone” and “preventing arms traffic” (uh-huh), and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the abuses in American-run Iraqi prisons are anything but isolated examples of individual wrong-doing. Swell.

And it’s raining.

posted May 18, 2004 – 6:13 am
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