I went to the market yesterday afternoon, and, in my sickness-induced stupor, wasn’t reading signs quite right. They had these little signs all over the market labelling products as Atkins-friendly, but I kept reading them as saying “Crab Monitor,” not “Carb Monitor.” There’s something very entertaining (or at least it was to me) about imagining little crabs inhabiting the nooks and crannies between produce in the supermarket.

We had more sewer issues at home. Turns out you really shouldn’t make important pipes out of soft clay and bury them near tree roots. In the tree roots vs. clay pipe battle, bet on tree roots every time.

Speaking of betting, I had a good time at Greg and Scott’s Kentucky Derby party on Saturday. I managed to win $9, had a finely crafted mint julep, and a good time was had by all.

posted May 4, 2004 – 7:37 am
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