I got pictures back from the weekend, and the “at first glance” review of the new lens is mostly positive. The longer distance photos I took came out quite well, and a few of the macro photos look good. The rest of the macro photos were pretty blurry, either because of the very short depth of field (making it hard to get exactly what you want in good focus) or because of vibration due to the shutter/mirror. I’ll use a tripod, a steadier hand, or faster shutter speed in the future.

While at the camera store, I picked up some film for my old Rolleiflex Standard, a camera my grandfather gave me about 10 years ago. It’s a beautiful camera, and considering it was made in the 1930’s, it’s impressive that it’s still in working order. I’ll let you know how my foray into the world of medium-format (bigger than 35mm film) black and white photography goes.

posted June 23, 2004 – 8:57 am
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