Last night, Rif & Anna and I really enjoyed our dinner at O’Cantinho in Inman Square. I can’t remember if it was a recommendation from my parents (they definitely told me to go to one of the Brazillian cafes in Inman) or if I had heard about it elsewhere, but the fact of the matter is, everyone should go there. The food is great (and cheap!), they let you sit all evening long, and they’ve got really good “cupcakes” for dessert. What more could you want?

After dinner, I ended up in Harvard Square. It’d been way too long since I just people-watched in the Square – I sat for an hour enjoying the sights and listening to Lisa Bastoni play (check out her new CD – “Your First Sweetheart”). To top off a nice night, I walked home from Harvard.

posted June 9, 2004 – 6:25 am
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