Lots of news to share:

We had a good time in Montreal this weekend playing at the Comedy of Errors tournament. As usual, the Canadian teams we played were friendly, spirited, and competitive. Though the tournament party wasn’t quite as wild as originally billed, the weekend was a success. Pictures coming soon…

I got the Rolleiflex pictures back today – check them out here. There’s a light leak somewhere in the camera (at least I think so – it could be that I exposed some of the film to light when I took it out of the camera), but otherwise they look good. A little light-leak-hunting and it’ll be a great camera.

I made it through Requiem for a Dream tonight. I say “made it through” because I actually had to stop the movie every ten or so minutes and remind myself that there were good things in the world. That’s not to say it wasn’t a stunningly good movie – Aronofsky made some truly powerful images – but I wouldn’t have wanted to see this in a theater, or even with other people around.

I’m really looking forward to our annual trek out to my grandparents’ place in Connecticut this coming weekend. Planned are a canoe trip and not much else besides relaxing, cooking and sleeping in.

posted July 19, 2004 – 7:58 pm
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