On Saturday afternooon, Caleb and I went to play pitch ‘n’ putt at the Stone Meadow golf course in Lexington. I’m not a big golf guy, but I had a really good time. Pitch ‘n’ putt is a little more satisfying to me than putt-putt, and it’s certainly more challenging.

Both Caleb and I thought we’d totally embarass ourselves on the course, but we managed not to hit any other golfers, and lost most of our strokes on the green, rather than the longer shots.

We also split a bucket of balls on the driving range. Talk about satisfying! About every fourth or fifth ball, I’d really connect and thwack one good. And, unlike the last time I went to the driving range, I stayed blissfully blister free.

I doubt I’ll play all that often, but I could see myself playing (pitch ‘n’ putt, not real golf) a couple times a summer, and I’d definitely go back to the driving range.

posted July 12, 2004 – 12:22 pm
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