It was a bit of a wild weekend, as Sectionals was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, the remnants of hurricane George (or was it Ivan?) passed through the area on Saturday, too late for the tournament to be pushed back. So we played about 30 minutes of frisbee in 55 degree pounding rain with 20 mile per hour winds! About when I was ready to call it quits on my own, the tournament directors called things off and I took a big fat nap for the rest of the day.

We – Lovefly9, a team pieced together from bits of Love Child, Blackfly and Tidal 9 – played four and a half games yesterday, and other teams are going back to play more next weekend. Since we were in it for fun (rather than trying to go on to regionals) and most of the team is going to Clambake next weekend, we’re not gonna finish sectionals.

The weather lately (Saturday excluded) has been absolutely perfect – I even broke out the leather jacket I bought in Italy. If you’re in New England, hope you’ve been enjoying your month of fall.

posted September 20, 2004 – 11:23 am
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