Good news: the light leak in the Rolleiflex is completely gone! Apparently, the detective work paid off and it was exactly as I suspected (the second red window on the bottom of the camera). The pictures from Ithaca look spectacular!

Zona did a great job with the development, and the four hour turnaround time is much better than the five days the place in Davis Square takes. It’s tempting to find a local darkroom where I could make my own prints from the negatives, but I think that’s more than I want to get into right now.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually get prints made (Zona wanted another three days to do that, and I was impatient), and my negative scanner doesn’t scan medium format negatives, so the only images I have are from putting the negatives on a flatbed scanner. Gross as they are, you can see them here, and at least get a sense that they’re better than before.

[ A note to the nice band I took pictures of at the Ithaca Farmers Market: I’ll probably get some prints made eventually. If you want copies, drop me an email with a mailing address. And the scanned in version above really doesn’t do the pictures that include you justice – they look great! ]

posted September 9, 2004 – 6:47 am
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