I went out to Devens this weekend to watch some of the NE Regionals ultimate tournament. Congrats to all the folks on 6 Trained Monkeys (including Simone, who hasn’t updated her website in a year) for kickin’ some butt!

I got a bunch of portfolio work done this weekend – Sunday night was spent taking pictures and I made quite a bit of progress on the piano bench yesterday. It’s coming along…

For the first time in about a year (if not longer – I can’t really remember), I went dancing last night at practice session and had a good time. Interestingly, muscle memory was a lot stronger than my regular memory, so I’d start to do dance moves on impulse and not really remember how they were “supposed” to go. Accomodating partners made it all easier, and I might even do it again (maybe in SF or Seattle).

posted October 12, 2004 – 10:34 am
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