I finally got a chance to watch Rivers and Tides over the weekend (it recently came out on video/DVD). I enjoyed the film, as it’s a real insight into Goldsworthy as an artist as much as a great presentation of his sculptures. He’s certainly a peculiar man, but very interesting and in the end likeable, and obviously quite talented. I might add, given how much of the film was shot in the UK, that a viewing is greatly enhanced by a glass of nice scotch.

Dan and I went out to Wachusett Meadow yesterday evening to take some photos of the turning leaves and the sunset. It was a stunningly clear day, which, though good for daytime photography turned out to mean a not-so-stunning sunset. I think we got some nice pictures, though – mine will be back tomorrow, along with some medium format ones I took last week and at Oktoberfest in Harvard Square yesterday.

posted October 4, 2004 – 7:16 am
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